A few general notes (will keep updating):

- 3D depth perception needs content to be in 3D SBS (Side by Side). This is the default for SteamVR (make sure you adjust the IPD to suit your eyes). Non-VR content requires external apps like Vireio, TriDef, VorpX or ReShade*, or native 3D SBS support (like Crysis or Doom). Trinus does not make 2D content 3D​. * Here's a quick tutorial for ReShade (it's free):

- Performance should be good for any hardware above minimum specs. If it is not, it is possibly a problem that can be fixed​

- You may need to run Trinus as administrator

- Using USB may require specific driver from your phone manufacturer (otherwise Trinus may not work, or be slow). Samsung includes the driver with Kies, for example. Other manufacturers make it available from their site.

- When using USB, it is also recommended to update the RNDIS driver to version 6 (details)

- Routers provided by ISPs are not usually very fast (for local networking), consider using USB or a separate router (that supports AC) for Trinus

- SteamVR may not detect the Trinus driver (throwing a 306, 108 or other error code). Ensure SteamVR and Trinus are up to date. Restart Steam and only start SteamVR after Trinus is running. Certain GPU drivers are known to cause problems. For Nvidia, versions 381.65 and 384.94 have been verified to work.​

Please refer to the help and troubleshooting sections on the Trinus PC software. Most issues can be resolved following these.

Make sure your hardware complies with the minimum specs to get the best experience.​

For further assistance, use the forum at or contact support at​